Comparisons are odious

What do we compare to our partners? Did we know what we need or what is left in our relationship? Would you like your current partner look like your ex? Probably not, because then we should think about keeping this current relationship. When we’re doing a comparison, we are actually doing something else. I really want is that our current partner meets some specific needs and desires in the same way that other couples did in the past.

Unfortunately, when we make this comparison between pairs and openly discussed the current problems can arise very quickly. It is likely that your partner is angry and even bitter. How can we have satisfied our needs and desires without hurting and without comparing? It’s not as difficult as it sounds, we simply ask.

For example, consider that we are not getting as much love as in a previous relationship. What we can do is ask our partner if we really want. Remember that every person wants in a way. Tell your partner things like: “Why do not you like X?” Or “X more than you love me” will only bring problems.

Love is that company

what is loveWhat is love? It is a project created by two people. A positive relationship that brings happiness to both parties. However, being with someone else brings company. Does having a couple next door can be reduced to that? No, but there are many people who do. Those who are afraid to be alone and find a partner in the escape vehicle on an emotional level.

In general, people who understand love as a form of company will also make the mistake of watching the isolation from a negative standpoint. That is, they think that a couple gives them some safety when enjoying the social life and leisure plans. Have a partner or not having it should not add or subtract a person’s self esteem. What should make you happy is the feel you’re the right person. With that I really appreciate you. Someone who is special because of who he is.

Love brings clear that company, also a construction company. For example, it is essential that you know your partner support you and comfort you in difficult times and rejoice with you for your achievements. However, it also provides much more than that. For example, brings magic is that the first few months of being in love make you feel great about yourself. Look at reality from a different point of view and more joyful.

So Many Car Rental, Which One to Choose?

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Contacts passionate about the network

love networkOnce again you have seen your social circle you are no longer provides the incentive that requires your personal evolution. In all this are the circumstances to see how your best friends and friends have paired up many of them have become part of the world of parenthood.

Been too long since it happened the tragic outcome of the last rupture of partner … And you were always a lover of love. The present times cry out for familiarization with new technologies …. There is Internet. You do not know for sure what you’re looking for: a romance passenger, a serious relationship, a sexual encounter time. So if you bet at the moment of your existence, is to feel alive again by a person who breaks out the flame of passion.

Discuss with your family decide the crucial step of contacting people via the Web Some were in favor, virtual meetings are simpler than typical social encounters. Others are reluctant and say how dangerous and unreliable. Your desire to delve into the yet unknown, eventually leads you to try to meet different people on the Internet. The virtual dating allow very specific searching of the desired torque by the selection of profiles that makes the software for serious games portals on the Internet.

Stop feeling sorry for heartbreak

heartbreakingFacing the rejection of another person is not nice that’s the truth. Sometimes you do not have to risk this rejection, because you may already intuit that you are not matched in case you do not see any interest from the other person. Faced with indifference, some people make the mistake of compassion, believing that they are worthy of pity and sorrow.

The reality is that you should take that as an opportunity to improve yourself to yourself, to start again. And even when viewed from a positive point of view, surround yourself with the magic of the uncertainty that bathes your life. Who knows about tomorrow? Where is your love? In the uncertainty must find a motivation.

Stop feeling sorry for where one door closes, maybe tomorrow, opens a window. And also because, as you do, life goes by without living your truth. The reality is you do not need anyone but yourself to be happy. I wish I’d been matched but maybe you’re idealizing someone who does not fit all in your psychological profile.

Work your luck in love

luckIs it good or bad luck? The reality is that some experts say is you who works his own destiny, that is, who must fight every day to build a future both professionally and personally. For example, training is needed to find a job. And on a personal level, sure you’ve discovered that if you do not take care of your friends if you do not bet to make contact, they sooner or later leave. Therefore … it is also essential that you learn to work your luck in love.

The first thing to do is look and reach your own welfare. You’d be hard to feel good with another person if you previously, you’re not calm yourself, satisfied and proud of everything you’ve got. You are self-sufficient and able to cope with problems. On the other hand, if you want to succeed in love, something you should not lose sight, out of love suffers. The risk you have to assume. There are people who do not trust in love, for fear, but the reality is that living well is to live half.

Bet a hundred percent on your love story

love gardenLove like friendship or any other type of link is a gamble. It is clear that to consider friendship as a bid must also be a bond when you give much importance in your life. And you can make friends anywhere, even within the professional field. Something that is even more rewarding as you will have more concerns to share with others. But focusing on love, is worth at least once in your life, you started off with the feeling that you bet one hundred percent the other person. But then went wrong, but do not appropriate or a thousand other reasons.

We live in society results. The ideal goal-where it seems to do something to get a particular good, and if they have not reached, then one could say that you have failed. That’s not true, in fact, sometimes, to learn to love truly, previously, Habert wrong and you have to have known the bitter taste produced by the disappointment of a broken heart.

Loving the dreaded question

questionable loveThe fear of infidelity in the couple can be a constant. Always try to do everything possible to be together and happy, but there will be times when the question falls on any of them. Rather than sink, you have to do is get involved more in the relationship and that these doubts are gone. Here are a few tips that can help:

Talk, talk, talk
The experts on these topics always recommend that any questions, misunderstanding or dispute, must conduct extended conversations. Try to find the reason for their behavior and if you said you want to break the relationship, ask why and try to find the best solution for both.

Give freedom to the couple
Too much repression or over follow-up may make the other person is harassed and wants to leave. Is very good you do things together but, remember that everything has a limit.

Doubts about the love

doubtHumans feel a little uncomfortable when in doubt, as they always aspire to know the truth and be certain of everything. But there are areas of our lives the truth of which is also related to the future. This is the case, for example, love of family. When you want to build a solid story with another person and think of marriage, to take a case, it is normal to feel doubt. Beyond your level of inner belief and you know you want the other person, inside you can so there is always room for uncertainty as to how to act right and your feelings.

The problem of growing doubts the truth when they occur with alarming regularity and an intensity that will not let you think otherwise. In the end, love doubts are normal, as at times you think what what would you do with your life and you’ll come to mind various alternatives.

Doubts about love are healthy because they keep you alert, that is, still taking care of that person, you keep thinking about it and shows you care. In fact, the indifference may be the worst thing that happens when you have several years of relationship. Doubts, however, show enthusiasm and desire to strengthen the commitment.

The start of a perfect love story

love storyIn love, as in life itself, there are different stages. It is clear that the first stage of courtship, the phase of conquest and seduction is one of the most memorable for any couple. It is a time when many emotions are experienced, first experience many emotions but also feel a great uncertainty and doubt what will happen.

Therefore, in the beginning of a love story should make a great effort to think about the present and assess the truth now. Do not obsess over the future and the evolution of a love story as it is built day by day. That is, to the extent that you work for a stronger principle also have other better times later.

The beginning of a love story also allows you to start from scratch yourself. That is, avoid the mistakes that maybe committed in previous relationships. When you realize your mistakes with others friendship can also serve as a source of positive thinking. During the beginning of a love story in a way, we can also enjoy some uncomfortable situation to another, simply because he is not known. That is, sometimes they make jokes or comments that are not understood by both parties, for example. Common situations of the first appointments that are solved thanks to the illusion that there is behind.